Terms of Service

General terms

1. My name is Stephanie Bartlett, and I provide health, wellness and yoga information and services (“the Services”) and I conduct other activities such as but not limited to Goddess Circles and other workshops and events (“Activities”) under my business name, StephBartlett.  Any references in my Terms of Service to “my”, “me” and “I” are references to StephBartlett.

2. “You” are a user of my Services and/or a participant in my Activities.  When you provide me with your email and/or access the Services promoted on my website at www.stephbartlett.com, (“Website”) you agree to my Terms of Service.  If you disagree with any part of my Terms of Service, you do not have permission to use my Website, receive Services from me or participate in my Activities.

3. My Terms of Service include my Privacy Policy.

4. You must be over the age of 18 to access and use my Services and participate in my Activities unless you have provided me with consent from your guardian. Please email me, or ask your parent or guardian to email me, for a consent form if you are under the age of 18 and wish to access my Services or participate in my Activities.

5. When you sign up to my mailing list, a 7 Day Challenge or to participate in any of my Activities, you agree to subscribe to my newsletters, marketing and promotional material.

6. When you sign up to a 7 Day Challenge, you agree to:

6.1 pay the non-refundable $25 fee (“7 Day Challenge Fee”) upon registration; and

6.2 have an active Facebook account to participate in the 7 Day Challenge and to access the Services related to the 7 Day Challenge, and you agree and understand that if you do not have an active Facebook account you will not be able to participate in the 7 Day Challenge.

7. When you engage me to provide you with Services or when you enrol to participate in any Activities, you agree:

7.1 to pay the quoted fee for that Service or Activity (“the Service and Activity Fee”) upon engagement or by instalments as agreed with me;

7.2 that the Service and Activity Fee is non-refundable.

8. I provide a plethora of information on health, wellness, yoga and related content on my Website.  By accepting my Terms of Service, you understand and accept that the Services and Activities that I provide and run are not medical services and that they do not amount to medical advice.

9. In order to provide my Services to you and to run Activities, I need to utilise the websites and web applications of third parties, such as but not limited to Mailchimp, Facebook, Acuity, Timely and Stripe (“Third Party Providers”). 

9.1 You acknowledge that I have no control over, and that I assume no responsibility for, the content, terms and conditions, privacy policies, practices or actions of any Third Party Providers.

9.2 I will not be liable for any loss, damage or claim caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by or in connection with the use of or in reliance of Third Party Providers.

10. You accept that the risk of participation in and use of any of the Services that I provide and the Activities that I run, including but not limited to the content on my Website, the 7 Day Challenges, Health Retreats, Goddess Circles, live or online classes including yoga classes, workshops, events or health coaching, rests with you.

10.1 If you are unsure about any aspect of my Services or Activities, including how you might cope with your participation in any classes or programs, you agree to discuss your concerns with your own doctor and allied medical health experts before participating in, using, or continuing with the Services or Activities.

10.2 You accept that it is very important that you discuss any concerns that you might have with your own doctor and/or allied medical health experts, because I will not accept any liability for any harm or injury caused to you as a result of your participation in or use of any of my Services or Activities or in any way related to the same, and by agreeing to my Terms of Service, you also agree that you indemnify me for any such harm or injury directly or indirectly caused to you as a result of your participation in or use of any of my Services or Activities.

11. I may terminate or suspend the provision of any or all of the Services to you, or prevent you from participating in any of the Activities, at any time if you breach the Terms of Service or if I deem it reasonable to do so.

12. You may terminate my provision of the Services to you or your participation in Activities by:

12.1 unsubscribing to my mailing list by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any emails from me, at any time;

12.2 in relation to a 7 Day Challenge, by emailing me at hello@stephbartlett.com.   The 7 Day Challenge Fee is not refundable.

12.3 In relation to any other Services or Activities, by emailing me.  Unless there are special circumstances and we agree, I do not provide refunds for amounts pre-paid for Services and Activities.

13. I am a South Australian small business, and so the laws of South Australia apply to these Terms of Service and to “StephBartlett” Services generally.  In the event that there is any dispute related to your use of my Services or participation in Activities that progresses to court litigation, you agree that the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the South Australian courts will apply.  That said, I will make every endeavour to settle any disputes arising out of our Services and Activities amicably and without resort to court action.

14. I may need to update my Terms of Service from time to time, and I reserve the right to do so at any time and without prior notice.  If I do, I will publish the new Terms of Service here.

15. My Terms of Service were last updated on August 17 2018