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I’m Steph Bartlett, the creator and founder of The Goddess Events, a soul based coach and practicing yoga instructor.

I run events for women to unleash their inner goddess, coach women into a thriving vibrant life of wellbeing on all levels, and teach yoga to soothe the soul. Basically, I’m here to empower women to love and embrace the goddess they are! I want you and every woman I meet, to see how worthy of love, health and abundance you truly are.

Along with the passion to empower, I’m also a trained Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over a decade up my sleeve in the health and wellbeing industry. Over these years I've had numerous coaches, mentors and completed courses I can’t count (I know, typical Gemini right here!) All of which have brought me to you, overflowing with the knowledge and heart to show you how to live the soulful life you deserve!

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I’m a 30 something sunrise and sunset lover, country girl, and nature addict to the core. And my dream? Well I’m aiming to be the warmest light. The light, that attracts all the loving dreamers, the kind hearted, the soul’s that want to inspire and be inspired.  I’m a sucker for the people that love soulful conversations and ache to be part of a community that is all about growing, evolving and inspiring. So, I’m creating it!

If you love the sound of soulful connections with other like minded goddesses. If you want to tap into your full potential. If you want to let go of that fear you’ve held onto. If you want to chase those dreams of yours. If you want to nourish your body, mind and soul in a healthy and loving way… then goddess, you’ve come to the right place!

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