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 My School Yoga Program is a 3 x week program, designed to give students an opportunity to experience yoga and its many benefits.

In a day and age where kids are constantly busy and doing something, it’s highly beneficial for young ones to learn how to be ok with stillness at an early age.  During this program students learn how to slow down, be present, and check in with how they’re feeling.  It also aids them with increasing strength, balance and flexibility, and provide them with the tools to assist with managing stress and anxiety. The program is suitable for students ranging from Reception through to Year 12.  That’s the beauty of yoga.  Age is no barrier.  It teaches students great tools that can be used in every day life, both on and off the yoga mat. Each week, the students are taught about a different topic.

WEEK 1: Being present (in the moment)

WEEK 2:  The Power of the breath (using the breath to focus and calm down)

WEEK 3: Kindness to all living things (themselves, other people, animals, environment)


 "My class have come back very relaxed. A lot calmer. Mindfulness is a huge focus in our room, and yoga really complemented our program of being in the present moment. It's transferred into really relaxed kids, and way less behavioural issues.."

Amy Spencer, Flinders Park Primary School 

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